Seminar at the University of Cantábria, Santander - 14th and 15th of November, 2011.

Seminar at the University of Oxford - Oxford Internet Institute - OII, 27th and 28th of June, 2011.

Seminar in Toulouse, 18th and 19th April.

The presentations will be available soon.

Presentations made today in the International Seminar in Coruña:


Presentations made in the International Seminar in Cardiff "Advanced Knowledge Networks Beyond the Atlantic Area":


The KNETWORKS project will create a strong knowledge sharing and dissemination Network in the Atlantic Area to promote the exchange of Good Practices and implementation strategies for building and exploiting a 21st Century Knowledge and Information Society.

The creation of a Knowledge-based Society (KIS) is a complex, multi-dimensional set of activities, which involve the joint effort of many stakeholders, including companies, universities and governments. Furthermore, the implementation of the Knowledge and Information Society should be closely linked to the development of skills in conjunction with improving the quality of life of citizens.

So this attributes make this Project a major interest to vital sectors of society so that, in addition to being provided in its activity, was keen to promote in Lisbon its initial disclosure.

In this state, CEGER held in 29 of June of 2010, in hall Amália Rodrigues of Centro Cultural de Belém in Lisbon, the International Seminar of Dissemination designated as “KNETWORKS TOWARDS KNOLEDGE SOCIETY”, which was attended by participants coming from the most representative national and foreign entities under the project.

The Seminar was an important milestone in the promotion of the partner entities as well as the Atlantic Area.

  1. Seminar Program (in pdf format)
    The Opening Speech was delivered by His Excellency the State Secretary of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers.
  2. Some Presentations (in pdf format)
    During the Seminar and as it was planned in its Program, national and international speakers made their interventions of great interest and excellence.